Is Bontang an Open Tourist Section now?

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Hello. Back in the late 70s and early 80s my parents lived in Bontang. My dad worked with PT Badak.
I have seen on the internet that there is some type of tourist attractions there now and want to find out if that was true.
I spent as much time as I could with them in the camp and loved every second of it. I would love to someday go back and show my husband where we lived
and how absolutely wonderful the area was. If anyone has any information on travel to that area, around both the LNG plant and the ammonia plant, I would
sure appreciate it. It has been many years now since I was last there, but I remember it as if it was yesterday.

Thank you,


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Can you tell me more about it? The location? It doesn't mean anything to me, but maybe I have the chance to visit is next month.

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Hi, Jeroen,

Bontang is in East Kalamantan, I thing about 150 km from Balikpapan. From what I understand, even Balikpapan is totally different than when I wast there. I heard about a new airport. When I flew in there was a highway next to the airport, and red lights were used to stop traffic when a plane landed. That gives you an idea how long ago that was. Anyway Bontang Bay was on the coast, the only way in or out was by plane or boat. There's an LNG plant there, and an amonia plant not far from the LNG. It sounds like there might be a nature preseve close to Bontang now. If there is any way to get to Bontang for a visit someday, I really would love to go back! I envy you your visit next month!

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